The Doctors


Dr. Michael Nader

I began my career pathway attending the University of Washington after graduating from Rogers High School in Puyallup in 1989. I always envisioned a career in Healthcare. The idea of helping people with both the physical body and mental state of mind was a passion of mine. I graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Psychology with a strong emphasis on the Health Sciences. I was introduced to the Chiropractic Profession initially as a patient in 1993. I was so amazed of the effects of the Adjustment and its potential to help create and sustain health. Soon after, I began the Doctor of Chiropractic program at Life University in Atlanta, Georgia. In 1998 I graduated Magna Cum Laude with full Certifications in X-Ray, Diagnosis, and Adult and Pediatric Adjusting. Beginning my professional work career I worked for a year as an associated Doctor and in 2000 I opened Nader Family Chiropractic in Puyallup, Washington. In 2012 I opened a second office next to Good Samaritan Hospital in a free standing building comprised of a full Chiropractic, Massage, and Physical Therapy Clinic.
I have been able to achieve great results in my Practice with patients who present with headaches, neck, and lower back pain. I also have a Passion for Pediatric Spinal Adjusting which has helped children heal many chronic conditions ranging from infantile colic, ear infections, bedwetting, constipation, and growing pains. I also have a lot of experience in Personal Injury Case Management and Treatment and in the treatment of Sports and Work Related Injuries. I also have gained experience with treating many Pre and Post Surgical Patients in need of Chiropractic Care for issues either directly or indirectly involving areas of surgery or adjacent regions of the spine.
I am known Professionally as an Energetic, Fun –Loving Healthcare Professional that strives in educating his patients about their healthcare problems and how they may be helped through Chiropractic treatment. Personally, my passion is spending time with my Family, my wife and 5 daughters. I am also a Christian and reflect on the opportunities, gifts and blessings God has given me. I enjoy hiking and football. But most of all, I enjoy spending time with my wife and children. I love watching my daughters grow up and follow them on their journeys through life in academics, sports, and career paths. I also enjoy volunteering my time at their schools or sporting activities.

Dr. Jordan Thaanum

My lifelong mission is to be a chiropractor that helps, heals and informs. I believe that in order for a patient to make a full recovery or remain in optimal health, all aspects of that patient's health need to be addressed in addition to their spinal alignment. I am committed to the chiropractic profession and serving our community with the highest possible level of care through the use of rehablilitation exercises, general health, dietary advice and the use of my hands through adjustments.

Born and raised in Puyallup, I graduated from Emerald Ridge Highschool and then moved on to Gonzaga University to obtain a Bachelors of Science in Human Physiology and Exersise Science. From there I traveled to Californa for four years to obtain my Doctorate of Chriopractic at Palmer College of Chiropractic West. While there I was on the Sports Council and treated athletes at major sporting events aroun the Bay Area. After graduating from school and obtaining my license I began my official career at a chiropractic office in Tacoma, Washington where I further honed my skills and knowledge. I have learned many techniques over the years but focus primarily on Diversified, Motion-Palpation, and Gonstead type adjusting.

I am married to my amazing wife and have a beautiful daughter. I enjoy time with my family and still play basketball with friends. God has blessed me with an amazing family and career and I love sharing all of life's joys with others.

jordan Tianna